The Top 3 Mats Guidance For Schools And Classrooms

Schools are not dissimilar to other commercial or office settings. Schools have high foot traffic, the floors must withstand a lot of wear and tear, and everyone’s safety is of the utmost importance.

While children in schools are smaller and lighter, they make up for it in terms of wear and tear by being more active, such as running, jumping, throwing or dropping books and backpacks, and generally being messier than adults in the workplace. Anti-fatigue mats absorb the shock of walking, reducing foot fatigue. However, matting should be used with caution because improperly installed mats can cause tripping and falling accidents. Overall, there is no hard and fast rule for determining how long your anti-fatigue rubber mats will last. Mats are typically designed to last between one and three years, but your high footstep mats may only last six months or less. Rotating mats in high and low traffic areas can also help to extend their life.

So, if you’re going to put down mats in schools and classrooms, get high-quality ones that can withstand the abuse because kids aren’t too concerned with wiping their feet.

Soft Carpet Mats

The Soft Carpet Mats are the first ones. These are extremely durable and are available in eight different colors. They’d be ideal for entrances and exits, where mats are required anyway. They’re thick and designed to withstand crushing from heavy traffic. They have a nitrile rubber backing that is water, oil, and grease resistant. The best part is that they can be washed in a commercial machine.

Mats With Logos

The Logo Mats are the next ones we recommend. These are mats that can be printed with any image you want, such as quotes, school symbols, school logos, or anything else you can think of.

They could, for example, go just inside or outside the administrative office, the athletic department, or the auditorium entrance. You could use them to make a statement, assist with marketing, or create an atmosphere. The images you use on the mats are only limited by your imagination.

Mats To Reduce Fatigue

In a school, this could be in front of a blackboard or whiteboard, at a reception in the office, or inside the athletic department.

They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, profiles, and colors. These mats reduce injuries and lost time due to backaches and joint pain. Employees like them and feel better when they have them to stand on.

There are also anti-fatigue mats that are chemical and abrasion-resistant. We have mats to fit any school environment you can think of.

Allow us to assist you in selecting mats for your schools and classrooms. Our first priority is your safety, which is why we’re in this business. Mats increase safety by providing traction and encouraging a cleaner environment.

We have sold and installed commercial flooring products to the following market segments: corporate, education, hospitality, government, and the commercial real estate community. It’s simple to get in touch with us, and we’re always happy to assist.

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