How To Design A CBD Logo Or Brand

CBD products are quickly dominating the market in all shapes and sizes. It is not easy to create the best CBD branding. You must create a modern brand experience that appeals to your customers and distance your brand from old cannabis stereotypes if you want your CBD brands to succeed.

How do you brand a CBD-based product? This guide will answer your questions about successful CBD branding. It also contains the best practices as outlined by experts.

CBD Branding: The Challenges

Before we get to the point, let’s define CBD and explain why it is so different from “smoking of doobie“.

The two most common components of cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. THC is responsible for all of the psychoactivity in cannabis, including the “trippy” sensations and the euphoric high. CBD, on the other hand, deals with sedation.

The new wave in cannabis research has shown that CBD can be isolated from THC and offered as a separate product.

CBD products are basically a new form of medicine that is derived from the same plants that some people smoke. CBD products don’t give you a high, but they can be used for recreational purposes.

Matching Your Market

You also need to address the challenges inherent in CBD brand design. The art and science of branding involve presenting your company in the best possible light, motivating customers to do business with it, and letting everyone know that you exist.

Good branding requires a solid business plan, a marketing strategy, and plenty of advertising. However, the majority of branding elements revolve around graphic design. Your logo, website design, store decor, content marketing, product packaging, and other elements directly influence the type of customers you attract, and how enthusiastic they will be to do business with your company.

3 Best Tips For Your CBD Branding Strategy

Before we get into the details of CBD branding let’s talk about some bigger-picture solutions for the problems we have outlined. These 3 tips will help you plan your overall branding strategy, no matter what direction you choose or which market segment it targets.

1. Normalize the product

CBD is legal, safe, and effective for medical purposes. This is why you should treat your CBD products and branding as any other product. Your customers will be able to see that your CBD branding is as normal as any other medication.

2. To combat negative stereotypes, use brand values and relatable stories

You must maintain professionalism in order to design CBD brands, even if you are compensated to offset negative connotations.

To show your authenticity, you should be proud of your brand values. A brand narrative, such as a story about the founding of your company, is a great branding strategy.

3. You can choose to use it for medical or recreational purposes.

Two different branding approaches are available for recreational and medical products. Therefore, trying to brand both can lead to your brand going in two completely different directions. Instead, choose one and learn from it.

CBD Web Design

The best CBD websites offer a seamless experience that is visually appealing to their customers. Your logo and other brand assets should be taken into consideration when designing your CBD website. The website must use consistent images, illustrations and typography throughout.

CBD Product Packaging

CBD packaging is an important aspect of branding your product. This packaging is what customers hold and can affect the brand experience. CBD packaging requires to be professional-looking, visually pleasing, and functional at the exact time, which is no little task.

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